Alberta Gun Safety

A Possession and Acquisition Licence is a licence that allows individuals in Canada to possess and acquire firearms as well as ammunition.With the application for a PAL the applicant has to submit a Canadian Firearms Safety Course form, showing that the applicant has passed the Safety course. The Non-Restricted course is separate from the Restricted course and is a prerequisite for the Restricted course.

Minor applicants (ages 12 – 17) may also  take the  Safety courses. They will apply for a minor PAL which can be renewed once they are 18 years old.

Note:   Persons wanting to Challenge the exam on either the CFSC or CRFSC material should be aware  that if they have been suspended by the courts for any firearm related offence or are currently on probation for any offence that might stop them from obtaining a firearms licence, must take the full course for the licence they wish to apply for.

See CALENDAR  for available dates.

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